Why does progressive music go over so many people's heads?

I listening to a lot of more alternative and progressive musical acts and groups. It's new, fresh, different music at a foundational level. It's not being done to the same quality anywhere else, besides a select few artists that feel very much ahead of the pack and the typical artists these days.

I've had people ask me before, "why do you listen to X type of music? It's weird," and I'm all, "well for one, I am a musician so I appreciate the musical aspects of what these X and Y artists are doing." And plus, I really just cannot get into the super mainstream popular stuff. Alt pop? Yes. If it sounds ahead of its time, I'm all for it. In my world, progressive artists should be at the forefront of entertainment and the music industry. But somewhere, there are some corporate, entertainment industry big-wigs that say "THIS is popular or THAT is popular" and the masses blindly follow.

I don't want someone telling me what I should like. That is my decision, it's a deep part of my own identity and consciousness. I like music that sticks out and breaks the mold. It dares to be itself. Yet everyone is still raving about Bieber and Rhianna. Billions of views on YouTube and these artists aren't even on my radar. Help me understand this phenomenon. And it's like most people don't even comprehend or understand what I'm listening to, or see it's appeal, when to me it's literally borderline ground-breaking, next level art, that frequently oddly enough still has very likeable and pop melodies and tendencies, but somehow, people don't seem to grasp the appeal.

I don't understand it at all.
Music and entertainment doesn't have to be in a state of stagnation, and when it comes to entertainment and what entertains people, I feel that that is kind of where we are at unfortunately. It's always the same 3 to 4 chord, 4/4 time, verse-chorus, verse-chorus, bridge, chorus, basic beats where everything pretty much sounds the same. It's just so boring to listen to so much of the time, and we're always force fed this stuff year after year on all platforms of entertainment media.


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  • I wouldn’t say it necessarily goes over people’s heads, but rather, the music doesn’t have the qualities that they focus on.

    I think the general population looks for...
    — music that they can dance to
    — music that is catchy
    — music that is fashionable (to a certain extent)

    4/4 and 3/4 stuff is easy to remember and count to. It’s predictable, which helps the beat get stuck in your head. You can bob your head to it without doing a half-a-head bob when it goes into a mixed meter section lol. I mean, just try dancing to Animals As Leaders’s song Kaskade lol

    I know I personally enjoy progressive metal. It’s my favorite genre. However, my sister hates it. She enjoys pop. Why? Well, I figured out one car ride that I listen to the instrumentation more than she does. She focuses on the vocal melody. When I hear music and there is a technical/melodic line, I love it. That’s the kind of stuff I look for. She doesn’t care about that though. It’s not that she didn’t hear it or necessarily understand it. It’s that she doesn’t consider that (i. e. technicality/musicianship) as important as other parts of the music.

    So, on the whole, it depends what one’s criteria is for “good music.” Yours is different from someone else’s.

  • Music is a personal taste, I've had my taste dissed and then a couple years later they would play songs I played to them that they thought were garbage at the time, my point is that it's just taste


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