Is GTA 5 better on PC or PS4 ?

I already have GTA 5 for my Xbox 360 but I barely play it anymore cause of the whole membership crap, I wanna get it on PC so I can do mods & such online but I feel like I should get it for PS4 so I can play with my friends but then I’ll be in the same spot as my Xbox 360 & there’s nothing wrong with paying for PS Plus I just don’t want to 😂 so what should I do get it in PC or PS4 ?


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  • Save doing mods. Play it fairly !!! So ps4


What Guys Said 1

  • To me PC for sure, I've played it with console but PC is just better because of the mods. . The driving for example can be moded, killatomate's realistic driving is a must. No going back to vanilla driving when you've try it.


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