Chances that a celeb will read my insta dm?

I sent her a picture from a question that was asked on here, don't worry, it wasn't a sex question, or anything related, but, it was something i thought she should see. so, i took a chance and dm'd it to her, since you can't post them in comments on pictures and it's highly unlikely she would have commented on it if i had posted it as my own picture, especially since it's not actually my picture, but, anyway, do you think she'll reply?


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  • They most likely won't see it and will not reply. My friend has 2000 followers and she has hundreds of unopened DMs so a celeb would have even more they don't get to

    • Why wouldn't she just open them?

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    • Dude considering the number of times I've been in a guy's bed the last few months, I'm definitely into guys. But whatever will make you feel better about yourself when you get rejected after sliding into a girl's dms (:

    • Whatever you want to mask, go ahead, but, only gay women would be creeped out by it

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  • Well, her pr team might see it and, if they like it, they might even show it to the celeb.
    Although, the chances are very low.

    • And an antarctican would know that how?

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    • So how can i take you seriously then

    • Well, it's your choice. We are just giving our opinions. And, it would be better if, the celeb takes you seriously.
      And, it sounds kinda ironic coming from an anonymous person.

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  • Celebrates probably get messages from hundreds of people every day, depending on how famous they are, so quite low... Doesn't mean they won't reply though


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