How much time will it take before Bollywood becomes better than Hollywood?


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  • Not that much. It’s at least different. They’re not all stories that I’ve heard or seen thousands of times before.


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  • It's no secret that both are at top.

    Many today claim Hollywood is running or already ran out of ideas. Well; if we compare these two according to the plots. Hollywood pretty much is full of variable ideas and story lines in compare of Bollywood.

    That it self pretty much declares the superiority of Hollywood.

    Bollywood must expands every category in order to reach Hollywood's level. Such as:

    -Plot creativity and writing skills
    -Film making and special effect technologies
    -Getting out of the traditional zones
    -Producing talented actors and better acting education and academies.

    The importance of the goal should not go unnoticed. India; usually create movies based on local traditions and relationships. While Hollywood; focus on everything as much as possible. Which makes Hollywood more universal. And of course; if you want to make a great movie; you must increase the quality of equipment and create new story lines where it would attract more international viewers.

    I believe one element would always hold Bollywood one step behind Hollywood. The Constitution of The United States of America.

    -The Innovation and -The freedom.

    The innovation and freedom constituted as values of America, pushes the country to create further levels of excellence as well as attracting any talents across the world into it's screen. This unlimited pursuit of excellence gained a dominance power for America and it's screens. Because of innovation; quality and persistent. All rooted in Freedom and opportunity that it provides for it's people and anyone who desire to pursuit excellence.

    This is the very essential reason that makes Hollywood superior and surpassing it is not an easy job.

    Good Luck.


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  • Better in what?
    Selling tickets? Gross revenue? Movie production? Actual quality of cinematography?

  • The eventual heat death of the universe. So like 10^92 years.


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