Can I learn Violin without anyone not it?

Don't ask why it's usual family issue
I don't want to participate in any class but I can afford anything related


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  • I'm also 21 and wanna learn to play the violin. Alone it's hard. You should have someone to show you the correct bow holding and other things at least. Once you have strong bases, you can start practicing alone.


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  • Anyone can learn how to do anything. All you need is the right mindset. You have to be motivated, dedicated, passionate, have a unrelenting desire. Don't give up when things get difficult. View your struggles as challenges, not defeat, and use them to motivate and drive you to achieve your goal. If you truly WANT to do something, nothing will stop you, you'll make sure of that. It'll be far more difficult on your own and take longer though. But of course you can.


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  • Without anyone what now?

    • Oh autocorrect :-)
      Without anyone knowing I mean

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    • He meant online.

      Yeah dude you can, if people learnt guitar, piano, accordion, drums and who knows what else over YT, why not violin? Check Mike Boys for inspiration

    • Thanks I'll check em out :-)

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  • Well, the first person who ever played the violin did, so yes it is possible.


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