All Music Fans?

Do you have music on all day and night?

I do with SiriusXM bpm my favorite station , or am fm radio even when going bed maybe not radio but the music in my head.All Music Fans?All Music Fans?


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  • I've been listening to music 6h+ for the last almost 2yrs.


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  • Times of silence and times with music.


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  • I found that after I started getting more involved with learning musical instruments, my mind started to have a song playing internally essentially all the time. In addition to this, I also play music on spotify/iTunes. I check out new music on the daily bus ride I take to/from my university and in car rides.

    One downside of the constant melody is that it makes me do sorts of drummer-taps. I’m pretty fidgety now, and I’ve gotten weirdly good at snapping (like being able to snap with 3/5 fingers per hand lmao).

    It’s also kind of weird with the music I kind of “hear” internally. If I don’t remember a part of the song, my mind plays it on repeat until I figure it out. If I can’t figure it out, it bothers me until I have to go and listen to the song. Hence, what helps me sleep at night is if I have music I already know well playing at low volumes. It’s great and horrible when I get a song idea when I’m falling asleep, because then I’ll stay awake trying to write it down. Before I know it, it’s 4am, and I’m wide awake lol.

    So yeah, in one way or another, there’s always a melody going through my head. Currently in mind is the chorus to Boston by Augustana.

  • Vocal Trance

    or Lofi Hip hop beats > super chill and relaxing


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