For fans of musician Robert Trujillo, what do you think of this video?

Trujillo is the current bassist of metallica (has also played bass in Suicidal Tendencies and Ozzy Osbourne). His son, Tye, went on tour with Korn at age 11, to be a temporary bassist for the band. This video was made during that time. Who else thinks that this video is freakin adorable? XD (and that tye looks like he could be a mini version of Robert)


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  • I have a DVD of him playing with Ozzy at Budakon. He's really good

    • awesome. Trujillo's like a bass ninja lol

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    • I know! I can't imagine where music would be today without his heavy riffs. I certainly wouldn't be playing guitar

    • I wouldn't be playing guitar either!

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