Guys, if white and black plays a perfect game in chess, which would be the result, in your opinion?

In some games like connect 4, if they both play perfect, the one who goes 1st will win on the 41st move guaranteed. This has been played out.

In the game of checkers, if played perfect by both players, it will end in a tie.

In some games, the 2nd player goes first.

In the game of chess, it is postulated that it ends in a tie but some believe white wins or black wins. Played on the Deep Blue, white won on its 84th move and it was a forced win too, meaning that no matter what previous 83 moves black made, it would lose. However, the Deep Blue is not guaranteed to make the best moves possible but it has to be extremely close.
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  • Going first can be an advantage and a disadvantage, it always comes down to how the person plays and how they can predict another's moves setting them up for failure, there is no real perfect game of chess.

  • who ever plays the white side would win im guessing cause dont they always start first in a game of chess?


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