Comedy tv series SMILF?

How many people out there watching the tv show SMILF of Showtime network.


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  • No idea what that show is about and don’t want to know.

  • Took a look at it, ya, got your Mary Sue basket ball expert that can out shoot a 200 lb 6 foot athletic black man who probably played the game since he was able to walk. So check that off the list. Kids from a mixed race marriage or probably fling, she's SOoooo cosmopolitan she'll date men of any race or probably any socioeconomic strata as we must become a single class society if we're going to have real communim. I get the impression of a rich white girl , antifa material , flips her parents the middle finger and takes off with Tyrone and slam bam, single mom. LOL , they got that part right. Loved the part where basket ball jones looks at that little mud nugget and says sheeeeeeiiiit and off he goes hahahhahhahha. Ya that's what happens. Single Mushark I'd like to Fuck is pure globalist propaganda. Good for your brain if you quit watching.

  • I like SMİLF


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