Do you think kylo ren was lying to rey?

When kylo told Rey about the truth of her parents do you think he was only saying that to get her to join him?


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  • I think he told the truth because he had never lied to her before then. I also think he told her that because, since he can sense what she's feeling, he knew deep down that she did know but she was still holding on to that and like he said "let the past die". I think he was trying to emphasize that even though her parents didn't care about her he does. Also if you think about it, Rey technically never joined the resistance up until that part. In TFA, she tells Han she has to go back to Jakku. The only reason she helped them was because she wanted to guarantee the map got to the resistance. Then because she had discovered her force powers, she chose to find Luke because she was asked to bring him back to the resistance but also she hoped he would train her. When Kylo asks her to join him, she's left luke because he was basically useless at that point, and if she had hoped her family was there she probably would have gone back to Jakku. By forcing her to admit the truth she has zero reason to go back to Jakku, and since only her and Kylo have these force powers, that we know of, and he saw his vision of her standing with him, I think he assumes it's the only story Rey was meant for. But Rey being as good natured as she is, can't just sit around watching her friends get slaughtered, which is why she helps the resistance.

    So in summary no I definitely don't think he lied.


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  • I think Kylo Ren is too much of an idiot to lie.

    • I don't think he's an idiot... Emotional? Extremely. An idiot? No.

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    • I mean he chose to take out the hangar of Home One before he even attacked the bridge. I thought that was clever

    • I feel like the writers are trying to hard to make a "emotionally conflicted prodigy" out of him when most of what he does makes him look like an idiot.

  • From a broader storytelling perspective, I’m going to say no. Star Wars isn’t the kind of franchise that goes back on its reveals. Back in 1980, a lot of people had a hard time believing Darth Vader was actually Anakin Skywalker, but Lucasfilm kept it in and moved forward. They did the same thing with Leia as Luke’s twin sister, with Padme as the Queen of Naboo, and even with Anakin as C-3PO’s maker. If anything, the company is probably more excited in playing out this twist because it’s more interesting to them this way; it’s essentially an anti-twist where the powerful nobody really is just a nobody. Star Wars hasn’t really done that before and so the people in charge likely want to develop it more to see how it changes up the dynamic of the franchise and makes the whole thing feel new and evolving.

    From a character perspective, I’m still going to say no. While Ben Solo proves to be cunning and untrustworthy to the people he doesn’t like in this movie, the opposite is true for the people does he cares for. In every scene he has with Rey he tells her the truth (or in the case of the flashback, what he believes to be the truth), and that, plus his offer to her to join him, point toward his genuine desire to form an honest relationship with her. He doesn’t want to lie to her; he wants her to accept who she is like he has accepted who he is. Plus there’s the fact that this parentage info seems to have been revealed to Ben as a result of he and Rey touching hands, and everything else that the two of them saw came true: Ben did turn from Snoke and Rey did fight alongside him. Therefore, the detail that Rey’s parents are drunk, dead nobodies must also be true. Even if there is a bit of “from a certain point of view” wiggle room for J. J. Abrams to exploit in the next movie, shifting the details a bit to fit his story, the fact remains that Rey’s folks are dead and thus don’t matter to the story past being dead.


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