How do you stopped breaking things so easily?

Back in High School, I used to break some of my Nintendo DS Lite game systems by accident and I have to get another one. I didn't have a protection armor to keep it from being damaged when I dropped it and the serial number sticker was removed off the back of it, and I had to buy it like 6 times for $140 each. I usually break some of my parents' stuff even though I didn't try to do it on purpose. Now, I somehow broke the treadmill by pressing some buttons after my brother used it because the treadmill was moving too fast, so I tried to slow it down by pressing the buttons and it stopped working properly.
Why do most things I tried to use or don't have a protection armor always gets broken so easily? I realized it was too late for me to get a protection armor for the first 6 Nintendo DS Lite game systems that I had and each one only lasted about 2 years because of my carelessness for those handhelds I used to own.


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  • Preparation before you use something. Make sure you know how something operates before using it so there's no chance of it breaking. If it's something you know you could possibly break even on accident, or even if you just don't want to take a chance, I would just keep thinking about what you can do to make sure you don't break anything.

  • well you have to be more careful and treat things with more care and respect


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