Does this picture seem realistic?

These days , I'm experimenting in "levitation" by using photoshop...
Well, this is my first try...Does this picture seem realistic?
Does it look cool/realistic?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • The shadow is way to intense for ambient lighting and there are no specular highlights indicating that there is a point or spotlight, the shadow on the ground is even more destroying the illusion. There is also a bit of a problem with the focus. The finger tips are kind of the same distance away like the spoon and should be a bit more in focus. The spoon is a bit to dark. The color grading looks okay, try to boost some reds and greens in the lighter areas.

    • Whoa thats... intense.

    • yeah, I absolutely agree with you, especially with what you said about the shadows... I always had a problem with creating a "really" good shadow in photos. I tried though to focus slightly more on the fingertips but , yeah, i should have make it better...

      Anyway, thanks for your comment.

    • you're welcome

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  • Not really. I don’t like the focal point being the spoon. It makes the levitation less impactful.

  • No it doesn't.


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