Who, in your opinion, is the best rapper making tapes right now?

This excludes the likes of Tupac, biggie, em, wutang etc. I want to know who you think is the best rapper making music frequently rn


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  • eminems new album is far better than i expected but aside from him my tastes are more homegrown. so i like giggs, skepta and jme but i must also say kate tempest is fantastic and well deserved winning this years mercury music prize and drifting eeven further from the centre ground of rap is sleaford mods

    • Ems new album is some whack shit 😂😂 giggs is class but my tastes are American 😂

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    • Nah, I get you dude but that's just American culture I guess.

    • exactly... im not American im a northern brit who hates brexit and dropping bombs on kids in the middle east. this is me... well its not but it may as well be

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