Gamers-Gender Equality has room in the gaming society?

First, the reason why Im making so many questions now is because I want to ask as much as i can before the New Years! Things are going to be different that year so... until then, you may find lots of my questions in your nofies (nofitications) until the New Years. I'm sorry if it bugs you but... it's worth it~!
Now for the topic...

I'm happy that more and mre people are treating genders equally, at least bit by bit. I live in a small town that use to be not seeming to care until recently when a younger kid from this generation-out of all the other generations, said so much appreciated things about gender equality! Now, its spreading!
I've always treated all genders the same and thought I was the only one until recently!
Now that you know that...

Do you think the title "gamer girl" should change to just "gamer" because, what I read on an Instagram picture about something similar and it made me think about this.
Guys are already known as "gamers" but, women seem to have a gender specific title. I would think it's weird if I was a female so, do you think it should be changed?
(Especially since some people these days are getting more gross and making up stupid things. For example, appearently "gamer girls" are gamers but, slutty. I hate that word but, I couldn't think of any other word. That's the only one I uear these days... T_T)Gamers-Gender Equality has room in the gaming society??
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  • Yes.


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  • HAI but its gonna be hard to change a whole gameing society ;-;


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What Girls Said 2

  • I've never seen "gamer girl" used in any context that meant "this person is a gamer" it always seemed more like "hey, look at me, I have boobies, give me attention!" If you're just talking about a person that likes to play games, gender never even enters the equation.

    • Yeah, I learned that just recently. I grew up thinking it was just a girl who plays games. One of the things these days that confuse me...@_@

  • I think the biggest reason people refer to girl gamers as “gamer girls” instead of just gamers is because by default people think of a gamer as a guy. I’ve had to tell people on games that I’m a girl despite obviously using a female avi or something and a lot of the time the person doesn’t even believe me.

    It’s not an equality thing as much as it is just a way to say that the one gaming is, in fact, a girl.

    • Thats kinda dumb though... especially when even a lot of games have an option-asking if your male or female.
      If they want to continue the whole gender specific thing, they should also make titles like, 'Gamer boy' or...'Game Boy'... haha... ha... ha...(。ŏ﹏ŏ)

What Guys Said 4

  • Why are things going to be different in 2018?
    Most of the gamers I know who are girls hate the term "gamer girl" not because its sexist or unequal (the term male nurse is often used without the same controversy) but rather because those proclaiming to be gamer girls are just sluts with a console. They stream to show off themselves rather than the content of the game.

  • Girls who play video games are weird and they suck... gets pretty fuckin annoying playing a serious game with a girl on your team

    • Lol... you have no idea what you are saying haha! I grew up with girls more than guys. Many of the girls are actually pretty good!
      I even met girls on Dead ir Alive who were unstoppable! Some even took martial arts in real life!
      There was this young little girl who beat a teenage master GUY on th Smash Bros series!

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    • You stick with your mainstream games and not trying to get good at the other games as well. (THEN, you can say your a gamer... dont foget beating Dark Souls!)
      Yes, I knew they have stadiums... that show only those kinds of games. (I know a GIRL who went to those lol) Kinda sucks they dont have much of a variety... at least they have cosplayers if I remember correctly...
      "Ye need to stop jumping to conclusions." like a friend of mine would say in this conversation.
      The only games I suck is Pokemon, Silver Surfer, Ninja Gaiden series from the NES systems... and those impossible fan made Mario games... OH! Dont forget Megaman and... have I mentioned Dark Souls? Lol!

    • Its sexist to think females cantbe good. Even a 'know it all' friend of mine-who is a guy and even said, "girls can play games if they just focus on it." Plus, girls who dont play games much save battery AND electrcity. My sister is good at games but, doesn't like to admit it. (Which makes it even harder for guys like you to
      believe girls can be amazing at games! Even my brother and his best friend who can beat Dark Souls and obsess over the games you mentioned... they said that girls can be better than boy players!)

  • English is a Germanic language and combining adjectives with existing nouns is a common practice. I would imagine women who game feel special and other positive emotions from the title.

  • I think that the label Gamer Girl has its use, albeit I don't use it to denote female gamers.


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