Tips on learning thrash metal guitar?

so I've been learning guitar since 2013, I mainly do well with more bluesy style metal music, but more recently I've grown to loving old school type thrash metal. I've been trying to work with it by learning some thrash songs to play, such as metallica's "jump in the fire" (yeah I know they didn't stay thrash). but I want to get further with it than just learning songs that already exist. I do sometimes have a little trouble going at that insane fast pace too. any guitarists out there that can give me advice? its highly appreciated!


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  • What worked for me was to work on picking speed and get more comfortable with it and switching strings in that speed. I think I invented some simple riffs to learn it. Doesn't have to sound good. It's just practice.

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  • Work on just learning the notes and chords and being able to successfully navigate the fretboard. Speed comes naturally with repetition.


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