Trying to throw a party. Help me if u can?

So I m in Toronto & I want to throw a party on 25th of Jan 2018... I m trying to get more girls than what I have right now... its just a bday party nothing crazy.. well depends on the night TBH... so any ideas how can I connect & invite new girls to this party? Again I m in Toronto. Thanks for all your help.


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  • Bring enough alcohol and find some drinking games to play.
    If you want A LOT of girls, bring a hot male stripper.


What Guys Said 1

  • Parties is all about the vibe. So with that in mind. You need a theme that screams new years.
    - add decoration that says happ new years.
    -show then and now pics of your friends.
    Yeah you kinda have ta know what others like but now with thia vibe you gotta set the tone.
    What kinda music playlist you want? I typically go for music that has punch bass and really good kick to it. Songs like humble - by kindrick
    Or edm trap music by whom ever. As long as you got that tone and vibe going.
    Now the food. Thats your choice.
    To stretch out to other people, you must get the said friend. Frend B to talk to friend A ( the new target) to join. Fb, twitter, instagram, fliers, cards, posterz. Etc.


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