For the Metalheads?

this is for all those metalheads male and female. what is the best gig you have ever seen?


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  • Hmm, I've never actually been to a metal gig, unfortunately. Mostly because, up til now, I've been going to gigs with my parents so it was more rock and shit like The Killers and Green Day. I guess maybe The Darkness, if you consider them glam metal, but it was a very small gig. I'm gonna see Steel Panther in a couple of weeks, that'll be the biggest.

    • the darkness is algoods. I would kill to see steel panther hope you have fun

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  • It was in 2008 in this music festival called Jurassic Rock and the band was Stam1na (still one of my favorite bands). Me and my friend ran to the gig because we heard it was starting went full speed through the crowd into the mosh pit, didn't leave it until the gig ended. I almost lost my glasses when they flew of my head (caught them midair), completely lost my voice shouting the lyrics and was just covered in mud head to toe. Couldn't say a word for hours after that.


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