Guitarists, would you do this prank like this guy?

I would!!

by the way I swear in the background it sounds like Butthead from "Beavis & Butthead" laughing at the end
this question could also be for people who don't play guitar. to the people who don't, would you do this prank if you know how to play guitar?


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  • In a hotel? No. A place full of people I don't like? Maybe. I'm very antisocial around people I don't know. Little story:
    About 6 or 7 years ago, my great grandmother died. The day before the funeral is when I'm told that the warm reminiscence thing after the funeral is going to be at our house. Since that was at our house, my father and I skipped the funeral and set up the "party". I expected my family. What I forgot was this was my great grandmother, and she had a handful of kids, a boatload of grandchildren, and stupid amount of great grandchildren, most of whom I do not know, despite being related to all of them I guess. So, all these people show up to the house and I'm struggling to find a place to sit. And now, a whole bunch of strangers are talking to me, trying to shoot the shit and just chat, and doing the whole "Oh, I remember when you were just a baby" bullshit that I don't care for at all. I finally had enough so I go into the basement, I'm down there alone with my guitar. It skipped my mind what was going on that day and I had just learned how to play the song Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath. So I start playing that. Totally forgetting what's happening around me. Hows that for a prank that I didn't mean to pull? I play a scary song that's about a ghost and Satan and this and that, in the basement of the house the day of my very religious great grandmother's funeral? But, no one heard, so it wasn't that bad.

    • damn, definitely the ultimate prank (especially when its not even intentional!) I could just imagine what everyone's reactions would have been if they heard you playing that

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  • If Im out drinking that night it would be awesome!
    If I have to go to work in the morning it would piss me off haha.

  • I need explanations

  • LOL that's pretty damn funny

    • I swear when I saw this scene in "a year and a half in the life of metallica" I died laughing when I saw that person peeking down that hall XD

    • Yeah that is really funny

  • That's really funny.

    • I did something like this once to my dad when he was sleeping in too long in the morning. my room is right next to his. I put my amp facing the wall that separates the rooms and went crazy XD

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