What are your weirdest story ever?

All included - sex / drugs / alcohol


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  • I was visiting New York City (I was about 10-11 years old) and we were walking all around Times Square. We visited in January and it was very cold! All of a sudden, we see this guy who is only in his tighty whities, holding his guitar with cowboy boots. It was the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen someone do (and it’s freezing cold outside!!). He put down his guitar and picked up a woman and started walking away with her- she had a little kid with her! He yelled to the kid “I’m taking your mom!”. He eventually put her down, and my mom scrambled to get me out of there😂


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  • I was drunk my freinds were drunk. My girlfreind was high and she started a sex party. Only she did not realize she was the only girl after her best freind and my freinds girlfreind had already gone home. So she enjoyed being the cum dumpster for 4 guys. Her best freind broke up with my freind after that. Even though he just drunkenly watched. She loved it but I hated sharing so we decided to never do it again. Though for Christmas I bought her several suction cup dildos that cum.


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  • Some dude stuck his beard into my neck at a nightclub once. It was revolting. I left immediately to shower to get his nasty disgusting beard germs off me.

  • My brother got shitfaced on his 21st, and zipped up his junk. I had to help him unzip it. We both didn't talk to eachother for like a week.

  • Your mum was performing oral on you and in comes your sister or your cousin sister and then you all have a threesome together

    • I ment true story

    • This is your story

    • I think id remmember that kind of story

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