Soppiest moment from a film you just can’t help melt over?

Im rewatching the Office US, and it has to be the moment Jim tells Pam he loves her. I’ve been in a situation he’s in, and it hurts, but to see it turn around in his favour is great.

I don’t care what you think about that, it’s my guilty pleasure.

What’s yours?


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  • i have rewatched that scene so many times. the casino episode right? i love the way he pulls her in and kisses her. and she can't help but respond.

    i love this scene from this new series on neflix, called dark. the main character has been avoiding his crush for a couple of reasons, but she kind of confronts him, in the rain, demands to know why he's behaving so strangely. and she kisses him, and despite being determined not to like her, he can't help but respond to her.

  • I cried when Jim confronted Michael when he was leaving.


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