Which commercials do you consider to be most tear-jerking, heart-warming, or moving?

There are a lot of tear-jerker commercials out there. Of course, what is moving and what is moving, and what is not can be very subjective. However, there are 2 specific ones that I find to be most moving for me:

1. State Farm: "Following"

There's something about that guy's expression that can make a lot of people think: "I think I know how he feels."

2. Coca Cola: "Security Cameras"

One thing I like about this commercial is that it compiles security camera footage that doesn't involve tragedies or crime. Most of the time, camera's capture nothing of interest, and the media just laps up the negative. So, it was nice to see some of the positive things in people's lives that camera's capture, but many don't report.

What are some of your favorite commercials, and why?


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  • I don't let commercials influence my emotions like that. Its just a cynical attempt to make money off your emotions. When I was a young boy, after hurricane Katrina, they showed these pictures of suffering people & animals in an ad soliciting donations to help victims of the disaster & That made me cry.

  • I'd know of no contender quite like the Salisbury advert of 2014.


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