Who is a Fable 2 fan? ?

If not , do you like any of the other fable games? Or just not a fable person ingeneral name your favorite game (s) .


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  • Fable 1 was pretty good. Im currently replaying fable 3. Have t played 2 yet.

    • I don't remember much of the first one , I love 2 , Fable 3 I just really didn't like it as much. My fable 2 is always going to be my favorite.

    • One was really good. Ill have to get two and try it.

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  • Yes, 2&3 are amazing and just got anniversary

    • I love F2 , honestly I didn't like F3 much the story line just eh to me , but graphics were good, but games aren't all about the graphics.

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    • it kinda felt like I'm 3rd one it was more focused on story line ( I completed it in 2 days ) and depending on your choices your basically fucked after you complete , but in 2nd you can still on into your game or do side quest instead of rushing the story line.

    • It was, the end game content was very poor, but I did like some of the choices actually had an impact and weren't just for show. No. 3 definitely felt like more of a linear game than an RPG. Its a shame the studio closed down, I would have loved a 4th :(

  • That shit is fucked up, when you become a demon.

  • I have no idea what Fable is xD


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