What fished Book/Comics/Movie/TV-Show/Game you think is the best?

What is your in your opinion is the best, you can put also more then one, but please do start with what from all the subject you see as the best of the best (the name of the movie/book/so on)

What made you pick it?

(Please no spoilers)
When saying Finished i mean that the story is done, not waiting for the next session, or the next book
So it is measured on all it has from start to end and not only on what is out all ready


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  • Breaking bad. Watch every episode many times and still love it


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  • what's a fished book?

    • When i say finished i mean that its done, not waiting for the next one in a series to complete the story
      Like the Hobbit is fine without LOTR, as its a self contied story from start to end
      But books like Song of fire and ice, not really as the story is really not ended yet till the next book comes out

      But it also compile to movies tv-shows and so on

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