Any fans out there have this song by The Offspring dedicated to anyone?

This is the song "Gone Away". Dexter Holland of The Offspring wrote this after losing his fiancé in a car wreck. I swear in this song you can truly feel the emotion he infused into it. This song is one I dedicate to an uncle of mine who passed when I was quite young. he was an artist and drummer. I still have his art. he was a super talented dude. I also dedicate it to some of our fallen musical heroes, like Malcolm Young, Dimebag Darrell, Chris Cornell, Lemmy Kilmister, etc. Anybody have this song dedicated to a person you admired?
Five Finger Death Punch also recently did a pretty good cover of this song.


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  • My earlier childhood (I still got some years don't get me wrong) But I probably have more time until something extremely traumatic happens. I love the offspring, and I've been wearing my offspring T shirt for like a week straight Soo.. yeh

    • awesome XD I'm wanting to get an offspring shirt soon. I'm sure i'll wear the hell out of it as well lolz

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    • Greenday, Blink 182, Beartooth, all I need is to see is the Offspring, then my quest is complete

    • lol I imagine you having like a bucket list of just seeing those bands, and by the time you check off that final one you're like "hell yea"

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