Which painting do you like better? And why?

  • Which painting do you like better? And why?Natures beauty
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  • Which painting do you like better? And why?The ghost touched heart
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I love them both!

    #1 I love how the first painting expresses nature in a slightly un-natural form by the way the trees are growing. Almost looks like hidden messages in the branches! Beautiful

    #2 I love how the colors blend, but most of all I love how the grey is smirred on, as if there was tension behind this painting! Aggressive like and painful appearance! Very beautiful.

    #1 is my favorite if I had to choose


Most Helpful Girl

  • Natures Beauty is really amazing! Very neat, and cohesive. The colors that you chose are really creative. The other is very confusing and messy.


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