I feel like I have a connection to Michael Jackson?

Okay. I know this sounds hella weird. But Michael Jackson was my very first favorite artist when I was little because my mom used to play his music all of the time and I used to watch his music videos a lot. After he passed away I got really heartbroken about it and felt almost if I had lost a relative. Because I always kept tabs on Michael for some reason at a young age. I'd always be watching the news and would be disgusted by what they would say about him. I'd go into stores and feel terrible when I saw a magazine with the words "Wacko Jacko" on it.
Well In high school my teachers gave me the nickname MJ without even knowing that I was a big fan of him because of my appearance I'm tall, slender, I have tan skin like he did during the bad era and the same texture of hair, I can do the thriller jheri curl or I can wear it super straight like he did sometimes. I am a server, and customers always tell me I could be his daughter or tell me that I look like him a lot and I have his smile. Why are people instantly reminded of the Jacksons whenever they see me? It doesn't help that me and Michael have A LOT in common, our views on things, taste in music, singing voice, everything. its just a little weird.. somehow I almost feel like we are like soul mates or like we have a similar mind LMFAO.
I did my research and apparently me and Michael Jackson both have Blackfoot Indian in us, I am also black and Irish. Has anyone else had this happen? by the way I am aware that the chances of us being related are slim to none. It's more of just a feeling.


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  • Sounds like you’re a wee bit obsessed

    • I'm dead. I know it sounds that way but if you've been told how many times I have that I look like him itd be a little weird to you too I get told almost every day.

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