Are you seduced by hypnose?

I mean I think hypnose is dangerous for a healthy life. You fall asleep. It is better to be awake.
How to recognise people under hypnose. I think they look in your eyes as if they want something from you or you feel something weird in how they look. Probably there is even a link to narcism. But probably to all mental ill deseases there could be a link with hypnose. You can be hypnosed or hypnose yourself.
But it is dangerous the world you end up with.
Tell me your experience if you are still able to tell them because if you are under hypnose that could be a problem. I know the world you end up in then.
People under hypnose often do not want to get out they like their sleep while they dream. So it is the same that often as you sleep and go to bed you do not like to wake up. Then you are in a trance state and perhaps also very tired but it could be a form of hypnose. A lot of imagine can go on in your live under hypnose and it is all not real but you think it is real and that makes it dangerous to be awake feels better and that means being out of the state of hypnose.
People sugest many times to use hypnose what is dangerous also in the media or famous world. I would say be carefully because it is a trap and. But if you want out of hypnose it can be complecated. People under hypnose move no more are silence or do not much or neglect communication possibilties with others.
Some are deeper under hypnose then others also. There are different stages.
If you do self hypnose you have to get your self out but probably you do not feel you want to do that.
What you believe as true under hypnose is not real and true so you fool yourself and many who have a low self a esteem as man do use self hypnose technique to look more secure but hurt other womans feelings and can't stop doing that since they are under hypnose.
Woman often wonder why man reject as they do.
Do you want out of your hypnose if you are in or do you want to stay in your hypnose?
I sometimes use to say the snake it self is under hypnose. We all know snakes do hypnose to catch a prey. Then struggle it , so it is a trap. But is the snake itself under hypnose or to arrogant to ignoledge that he himself is under hypnose by it's own poison that lives inside the snake. So if you are a good hypnotiser you might be under hypnose like circle into circle like fool your self after fool your self when you think you fool others.
To man I would say. It is important what you think you have under hypnose it is not real. Do you like that? One day you wake up and you notice it is all not real and in the mean time you forgot to work on your real life. Is hypnose worthy to spoil your time. If you have a low self esteem work harder have more discipline good be on your path and keep having believe in it and it would be nice even the support of your friends. Keep smiling.


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  • I once was. I did an experiement because I did not believe in it. I got myself the same way out of hypnose and felt much better. But I felt a strong energy working against me to do so. But I managed to do so anyway. It made my head feel light and free again and less sick. But yeah I know now it exists. But even better as really what it is. Many aer in hypnose fooling themselves. To live what is fake and not real never is good. But in the dream state like while you are dreaming while you sleep you believe it is real until you wake up. In my case I woke up actuallly out of a nightmare.


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