Whats your tv Show world to live onto?

If you could live in any TV Show World, what would that be? Why?


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  • Supernatural. It's my favourite show and even though I'd probably die in like 1 episode it'd still be worth it lol.

    • Cool... maybe try to be a ghost or something hahahaha lmao so you dont die.. Lol

    • I would die because Sam and Dean would burn my bones but at least I would be able to say I got hunted by the Wincheters.

    • Oh nice.. Well that woyld be it. If i were you i can finally die on to this world right.. Heheh

  • Star Trek, preferably Next Gen but... anything that's not Discovery. Discovery sucks.

  • True Blood, just seems fun.

    • Another why?

    • Because it seems like it’d be an interesting place, always stuff going on

    • Ok. I don't know but uhmm eventhough i dont ever been watched that tv show itd be probbly nice that it follows your real life.. If you know what eye min

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