Do you play the guitar and sing?

I have a one track mind...

Either I play the gutar good and sorta fade out with vocals.

Or I sing good and mt guitar work just gets clunky.

It's just so frustrating that I can't do both good at the same time.

I don't know how to fix it?


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  • I can sing and I’m teaching myself quitar


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  • We all start with that problem. What you gotta do is pick something really simple. Really simple. Play the guitar part about a billion times until it’s just natural. Then start to add singing. Start with the parts that work best. Do them over and over. Play with a recording of the song and just sing along once in a while, parts that flow for you. Parts that are hard, isolate them and slowly play them and keep adding lines from the vocals. Pay attention to patterns in the song and use them to keep you on the path.
    Suddenly you reach a point where it clicks, and it becomes something you can do. From the one song you start to find it easier to pay more attention to singing in other songs and the guitar just comes along. It can take a very long time to learn. So don’t expect it soon. Just keep at it, pick a favourite song you ONE DAY want to sing, and make it a friend you work on. Eventually it clicks and is something you can do.
    The beauty is, when practicing is you can play as slowly as needed. Then just keep adding a little speed.


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  • Thats the hardest thing I could do

  • I'm not a good singer and I'm just trying to learn how to play guitar. But I do build pretty nice acoustic guitars from scratch.


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