How does my self portraits look?

It's not supposed to completely accurate of course. But what does you think? Does it look like me?How does my self portraits look?


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  • You’re cute, the drawing isn’t.

    • Thanks but it's just supposed to be an exaggerated cartoon. Maybe I should of clarified that more in the beginning.

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    • Well, I do need more friends. lol Okay, I’ll follow you.

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  • It does not.
    The picture to the left i'd date (i'm bisexual and you look very cute and kind, just being honest)
    Your drawing does not represent you in reality, i think you might just be a bit insecure if that's a portrait.

    • Thanks. I wasn't trying to make it look exactly like me. It's more of an exaggeration of my features. Maybe that also reflects how I feel too but it's not supposed to be completely accurate.

    • Well you got the sweater and facial hair on point, the rest i don't really see.
      I think even exaggerated to extremes a portrait of you needs to look better.
      (also don't worry i'm not flirting in case you might think that :P)

    • Haha, don't worry you're fine. Thanks, that's very kind of you!

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  • If you were going for a cartoon style then yeah it looks good

    • Yes that's all I'm going for. It's not supposed to be any higher quality than a peanuts cartoon, or the Simpsons.

  • The man on the left is an insult to the beautiful masterpiece that is the picture on the right.
    Too full of yourself, aren't you?


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