When you read a novel would/do you mind narration?

I'm writing a novel/ biography of a fictional character. And besides just dialogues, i include narration from time to time. Are you ok with it? i find it more fun this way cause the character makes witty remarks and spices up the meanings that i try to get across... .
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  • I don't mind narration at all. It's a good literary tool, just don't overuse it.


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  • Dialogue and verbs are the best kind of narration In my exp. Pushes the story along fast without being a descriptive essay all the time lol

    "Coven walked in and stood at the table across from his peers. Ruddy and handsome. Strands of ink made up his hair with a sapphire stare."

    You get the idea of what Coven looks like but its kinda just tellling, not so much showing.

    With more dialogue /verbs:
    "... a dog attack?"

    Bumps blew across Terry's shoulders, alert, aroused; his voice deep in bone but demanding. A pleasant rythm she exhaled in dread,

    "Wow... your cousin was only what, 17 years old?"

    He let a small smirk leak, rage trembling her lip; Leonard sighed,

    "Thats what the police think. Man... Im sorry Terry. Thats hard."

    Coven threaded his fingers through her's, his hair painting her shoulder black -

    "Hmm.. they don't have a good handle on these murders at all."

    Terry swallowed, faking calm against his power. He forced their hands, lifting the newspaper. Charlotte met his blue gaze across the table-

    "What makes you think its a murder?"

    Coven's hand slid beneath Terry's shirt, but much faster -

    "Because I killed her. Not a drop of blood left."

    Pistol fragments toppled out of her hoister, crushed like glass,

    "Holy shit man!"

    He slammed her down, Leonard reached out toward Terry, her face strained as Coven gripped her throat tighter. They pulled hard, three or four blurred students and campus security Charlotte hysterically screamed for-

    "Fuck with me again bitch! Ill kill everyone you fucking love!"
    The second part dialogue and verbs not only give you an idea of what Coven looks like, but indirectly pushes the scene along quickly whilst also giving rich insight into the characters.

    *Terry and Coven have some serious hate between them but sexual tension as well.

    *Terry is a part of something secretive, as her peers in the room have no idea why Coven murdered this girl, though Terry knew and was preparing to shoot him for confirming his act.

    *Coven is a vampire

    *Charlotte has a softer, sensitive personality

    *Leonard is protective, comforting towards Terry and may have a romantic interest in her.

    All that from 6 lines of dialogue and carefully placed verbs.

    Its a bit more interesting to read, but the con of a lot of dialogue is being careful not to sound like a movie script or get reader confused on who "he" or "she" is reference to.

    • thanks for the very thorough, and well thought comment. although i have to admit, while i see the value in those techniques, this genre you describe is exactly what i despise. these overly descriptive, cinematic, popcorn teenager action fantasy novels. my story will be quite deep and philosophical, and i currently write it from the girls perspective (the one who i biograph). but also include dialogues when she talks to others or an "action scene" unfolds... .

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    • I also hated his love interest as she embodied the strong racists black women I grew up around.

    • Its okay I understand :)

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  • As long as you know how to do it and it doesn't confuse the reader. It also seems like a hard thing to do, do you probably have any books you can recommend to me with these examples?


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  • If it's well written I don't mind it. One of my favourite books is basically all naration but I still love it.

    • its a little heavy on the clever sarcasm. and a little heavy in general. i didn't write it to be palatable to the masses. its a book for few but still watered it down a bit to be more readable. in the first couple of pages you'll find out if you are ready to take it to the end.

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    • Yes surely I would be interested. I like narration unless it's just describing surroundings and such stuff.

    • agreed. these overly detailed novels, make you wonder no more how they managed to fill so many pages with content. if you cut the junk off, nothing remains... .

  • I think its even somewhat important to do so!

    • really? thats great. because i've heard some pretentious critics whine when authors even remotely use the element of narration. they call it "easily spoonfeeding people". you are supposed to do everything in subtlety and super hidden ways... .

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    • true! thanks for the feedback!

    • Your welcome and good luck!

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