Album or song suggestions from these old metal bands?

I've recently been getting more into megadeth. not long ago I bought an album of theirs from a thrift store, along with an album from the band Helmet, and some other stuff. I've known megadeth for 7 years but I don't know too many of their songs or albums. with Helmet, I just recently discovered this band. for the people here who know both bands, do you have any suggestions for albums and/or songs from these bands?
forgot to mention that I already gave megadeth's latest album a chance. I thought it was terrible lol, but that's just me though.


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  • All the best albums are generally released between 1991 and 1995, with exceptions of course. Youthanasia is for me one of the best rock/metal albums ever released on major. Its a an exciting, brooding, sexy party of libertinage, full of jump-around energy but enough darkness and sincerity to ground it in power.

    It starts fresh with Reckoning Day, which starts the tension straight off and goes straight inti building momentum. It sounds and feels like the 80s, but you're also deep in the early 90s now.

    Train of Consequences: I proudly can't dance, but you can't not move to this sexy, writhing, thrusting all-out party anthem. This is where Marty Friedman really gets started in staking his claim as the best lead guitarist in mainstream metal.

    The Killing Road: The verse riff is a joy to play, and like its fellow songs on this album, holds tension really well. The chemistry between the drummer and the guitarists becomes even more evident here, and this is probably my favourite mainstream metal solo in history. The phrasing is based at the ballance of the fretboard that he uses, the way he climbs the board pushes all the tension up with it, to a bend that seems to hang time itself in the air, before crashing on frantic hammers and pulloffs, shifting constantly, with syncopated shifts following. Marty plays with pacing throughout, with a sub-climax and then a finnisher that should leave any good guitarist happily stunned.

    Addicted to Chaos: yknow what, just listen to it.

    Youthanasia: ditto. Im out of time and I want to listen to the album myself with a beer or three now :)

    Almost the whole album is a tour-de-force of metal, with a purity that you rarely hear. These guys really mean it, theyre not trying to sound badass, theyre giving all of their energy through outrageous talent and synergy.

    There are a few other mesmerising rock/metal lead guitarists/shredders (Adrian Belew, Tosin Abasi, Stefen Schackinger for example), but of all the well-known bands, Marty Friedman is forever the best of them, and mostly due to his insane work on the album Youthanasia.

    Listen to the album and tell me what you think :)


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  • The very underrated "Hook In Mouth" by Megadeth off of 1988's "So Far, So Good... So What?" It was the #2 song of 1988 according to WVCR.

    Whenever I had a big test, I'd listen to Metallica but then "upgrade to Megadeth" with "Hook In Mouth".

    The only downside to the song is the dated reference to the PMRC. This was a group founded by Tipper Gore which sought to rate albums like the MPAA gives out ratings (G, PG, R, NC-17) for movies. The mysic industry had a huge stink over it.

    • ugh I hate that rating group. I do admit I listen to a ton of metallica when studying and whatever else lol XD though my love for megadeth is growing some as well. thanks for the suggestion!

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    • by the way Hook In Mouth is soo awesome XD

    • Excellent! Yes. It. Is.

  • Best megadeth song is Hangar 18


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