13 years of drawing and still can't draw?

No seriously I've been drawing since i was one (yes im 14 deal with it) and i actually still can't draw.. like i mean i can kind of sometimes but its no where better to my friends drawings and theyve only practiced for a week and have been drawing for only a year.. this isn't fair and i dont understand why i still can't i practice everyday and never improve.. am i blind to my mistakes or is my hand just not wired to draw can someone tell me whats wrong.. with my art.. i fail at all styles and i have messy af lines which i can't fix and whenever i use the rubber it smudges everything

... all my friends can draw better then me... and yeah theyve practiced for one year... another one I introduced to anime started drawing and she could draw amazingly and she had only practiced for one week...

tf is this someone explain like im aware of my drawing mistakes but i just can't fix them

i did take down the link because i got hate from imgur :/..


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  • Maybe you shouldn't focus on perfection with the drawings. Develop your characters and a story. You will get better or create a unique style. People will enjoy your art if they dig your stories.


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  • Don't use such harsh lines when you sketch out whatever it is you're going to draw. Your proportions are a little off, like one eye is slightly bigger than the other. Also try not to make the lines too jagged. I'm not sure what the circles are on the arms and legs but maybe try erasing those so it looks cleaner. Just pay attention to details, like seriously. If you try to rush drawing something hoping it will look fine in the end it won't work, the base and beginning of the drawing is what you build off of. I hope that wasn't too harsh and that this helps.

    • Thanks but for some reason i draw better when i dont draw slowly

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  • As long as you enjoy it


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  • Some people are naturals and some need a lot of work to improve. You might want to consider going to an actual drawing class or course where there's a professional teacher, if it's important for you to get better at drawing.

    • But is their any actual reason why i can't draw like i wrote above i dont need any more practice because practice does nothing for me.. considering I've been drawing since 2 and never stopped.. and some people say im just not observant enough to see my mistakes.. my observance skills are like a detective i can see all my mistakes i am just unable to fix them, maybe im taking drawing to seriously or im getting overwhelmed but i did ask mum to take me to drawing classes she is still looking for some in my town... I've always been good at singing.. so maybe thats my thing? but i really want to be good at drawing.. i mean do i need more patience? animating is even more annoying..

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