Epic SNL Cold Open by Kate McKinnon after the election of 2016, did you watch, how did you react?

It’s seems less heavy now considering they closed the season with a spoof of Baldwin in the same situation playing Trump.

We all have our differences and thats great but i dont find this song offensive or provocative towards Trump supporters. I’d hope this is the one moment that the rest of us could have.

Chelsea Lately didn’t show up for work to air her show day after election. I preemptively took the day off months in advance because I’d either be partying at the official DNC bash, as have done for every presidential election, or in a state of disrepair.

I think I made it until just after 8pm election night and had to go home with my boyfriend in tote because I was having chest pains for the first time in my life.

This song, this offering and reckoning was really important for me and a lot of people I know. I cried like I was at a funeral clinging to my boyfriends chest but when it was over I was uplifted. We had a job to do and still do. I was in the audience so maybe that’s why it was powerful in the moment.

But watching it on Hulu you can see Kate fight off a frown and a couple tears st the beginning and then the tears collected in her eyes as she tries to be positive.

Do you find relief through comedy or collective sense through shows like SNL?


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  • We partied after the election. I didn't really care about SNL, sometimes they are funny but lately their stuff is tired and the political stuff is getting old.
    Virtue signaling hypocrite left wing celebrities are part of why Trump won, people are sick of celebrities lecturing us on morality and politics. Having watched some of the bullshit that went on at the Golden Globes id say Trump is set for a 2020 victory.


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  • That was really cringe tbh.

    • I really appreciate the response. Can you help me understand how it made you feel. And what it meant to you?

      We can’t move forward if we don’t look backward at what didn’t work.

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  • I wish they would of made a skit of hillary reacting to the election

    • There’s a beautiful picture taken and released on election night around 8pm central time when it was evident she would lose.

      It’s a picture taken in a hallway from behind of her appearing to apologize to a young girl of color and insinuating: I failed but maybe you’ll succeed.

      Hillary went to the inauguration of Donald Trump. It was her duty to do so as a former First Lady and she fulfilled it.

      I wish her reactions to major events were more entertaining but unfortunately, they’re just not. It’s not to say she wasn’t completely beside herself for disappointing her country and failing.

      She’s just a levelheaded person who has spent a life in politics. She doesn’t go flying off the handle over the littlelest things or biggest things. World leaders don’t have room for that kind of error.

      And that’s why the US isn’t a world leader anymore.

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