Is my future really dark?

To be honest, I asked this on another community where a handful of people agreed to the fact that I suck.
I'm in the age where I've seen two of my friends dying, one friend of mine ran away from home and another one is six or seven months away from being a dad (approximately). But here I am, matured by age, kid by image. Like, I don't get it. How can you give up on games/marvel/anime and be okay with life? I have that problem. Everyone in my age are celebrating 4-5 years of their relationship and I have set a record of three failed relationships and none of them lasted more than a year. I made an analysis and all of my exes say I'm too self centered where I don't understand what's wrong with not recieving a call for 45 minutes when I'm on MOBA matches. I do call back immediately after that! If you want to talk, why not join me in a match? I'd love a marksman/mage for my tank!
Well, at this point I get that nerdy girls (in my country) are rare Pokemons here so I gave up on that relationship part and thinking of adopting a cat. And I accept the fact that I am a narcissist and I very much agree to 'ZOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD' so I don't expect much from anyone either but a lot of people say I need to grow up and learn to handle responsibilities. I do have seriousness but only for two things. 1) How to get certificates so I can get a good job. 2) How much to earn to balance between junkfoods and healthy foods so that I can live long and enjoy junk foods more. But except these two, I'm a commitment phobic. I'm not an introvert though. I can even make arrangements to make someone live their life even if they know whenexactly they will die. And I can talk to people normally. I hate Motivational quotes more than anything and I give worst life suggestions (Cuz I don't consider responsibility part) but I've been told my suggestions are enjoyable.

Now that you've read through this huge load of 'Me', do me one more favour,
AM I DOOMED? 🔫Is my future really dark??


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  • No... You are not... And if you are then I am also... Doomed... I am just like you... 😂😂

    • I see! That gives me some hope! 😂

    • Yeah bro... Games/Marvel/Anime... who can live without it... Goku will be disappointed if I stop watching anime... 😂😂

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