Uploaded my first YouTube video, what do you think?

So obviously I’m new to making videos and YouTube so I don’t really know everything yet but it’ll get better within due time

I mostly made a YouTube account to address the foolishness I see within my generation and others prior and mostly to help others as much as I can.

I have 2 videos up (Qualities you lead with is what you attract and welcome to my channel) It’s longer than I wanted but I promise it’s worth the listen. In this video I briefly addressed the immature qualities people proudly possess and how objectifying yourself as a sex object online doesn’t help someone find and keep a good man or woman.

The second half of this video will be uploaded sometime next week and that will just be about how flaunting money doesn’t bring love into your life and why a lot of people need to stop depending on their partner to be their sole provider.

Hope you enjoy and if you don’t watch the first video, I am open for opinions on topics and would like as many people as possible to give me their perspectives.


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  • Pretty great quality of the editing as well as the footage itself.
    Only thing I noticed is you cut yourself off with the title, which was a little jarring.



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  • The intro came in too soon, cutting you off which was kinda jarring. The background is distracting with the the TV. There is far too many things on screen, it's very distracting and I gave up after about a minute.

    You seem confident enough, and that does show. This is your first video, so obviously you are not going to be completely confident. I'd suggest you watch other channels that have a similar style, like Skalligrim, as there's just far too much on screen and you can learn a lot about what works and what doesn't when it comes to this style by watching similar stuff.


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  • You gained a sub from me

  • Nice video but I think more enthusiasm would be great! It seems slightly dull but could easily be more entertaining and allow more videos to appreciate the video and what you're sharing!


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