Is it wrong that I just LOVED the Fifty Shades Darker movie, and not for the sex scenes?

Yeah, this movie had me smiling, and crying.
I was so involved I was hoping for it all to become okay..
I feel so strange..


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  • Outside of the sex scenes, definitely it is an interesting movie probably can relate to a few people, again other then those scenes.. Lol, i haven't seen it yet

    • OMG. I mean, just go and watch I now. I was bored and it popped on my screen, I thought why not? But hey, there's actually a good story in there, omg it made me wish for "love". Ha-ha.
      *He said, while slowly turning into a girl*

    • rofl, yeah I mean I've watched to date but the new one I haven't seen but rawr :P haha

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  • No, it's not wrong. I watched the first one after years of all the hype. I even ended up watching the second movie, never stayed for the sex scenes.


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  • There is nothing wrong in loving a movie.


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