What video games have you been playing lately?

Lately, I've been playing Forza 7, Wolfenstein II, Persona 5, and Yakuza 0. I was never a big fan of Japanese games until the past year, now I really like them (Though I wish I knew Japanese so I wouldn't have to read Yakuza's subtitles). What games have you been playing lately?


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  • i replayed bioshock cuz i fuckin love that game and now im tryin to get good at stardew valley lmao & started playing dishonored

    • I've never played the first 2 Bioshock, but I liked Infinite. I dabble in Stardew Valley from time to time, but haven't really sunk much time into it. I do really like Dishonored though. I am most of the way through the second one.

    • FAM BIOSHOCK IS AMAZING, THE GAME IS FLAWLESS i highly recommend u play it its way better than infinite lol
      stardew valley is so weird, I suck at it but yet I can't stop wanting to improve, its addicting that way. Nice! I suck at stealth so im sure dishonored will be a breeze lmao

    • When I get low on games, I might get the Bioshock collection. I completed the first dishonored by doing as much non-lethal as possible. I think I only killed like 5 guys and they were mostly by accident.

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  • The Sims 4 and Hitman

    • The newest Hitman game? If so, I really like it. I haven't played the Sims 4 yet.

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    • I don't have that DLC. I bought the whole season pack a while back though.

    • They had a winter sale earlier this month. It's a decent amount of content.

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