Why aren't there many black metal/rock singers?

There are quite a few old rock and roll ones, such as Chuck Berry, but the only more modern black metal/rock singer I can think of is the singer of Living Colour.

Why aren't there any? Could it be cultural?


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  • Something there aren't many black country singers. White folks don't want them there.


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  • It's all about the money money money. Metal is so frowned upon, globally, that it saddens me.

    • It's not in here England, with such a rock heavy history we all love rock so when people like heavier metal, no one cares.

      My almost 60 year old doctor dad still blasts sex pistols and the clash :P

    • Mainstream still dislikes it. Pop music has the name popular for a reason.

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  • For the same reason there is not much white rappers (compared to black), black dj's or whatever. Just one word : culture

  • Black peeps like metal?

    • I like some of the heavy metal part i'm not gonna lie some of those tracks give me a good boost from time to time.

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