What do you guys usually send on snapchat to boost the score so quickly?

Out of curiosity, I sometimes see people's snapchat scores go up for over a 100 in an hour , the only way that a Snapchat Score can increase is if a user is sending private pictures, texts or videos to another user. How can someone has that much to send everyday unless he/she has a lot of friends that send the snapchat to? Can I see it as an indication that people are sexting? that's why it goes up so quickly?
Just need opinions, thank you !


Most Helpful Guy

  • What's with the small numbers under Snapchat bar codes?

    • No It doesn't matter, I am just curious, I use snapchat for 4 years and only get a 5000 score and I think i send a decent amount of shit everyday , while my friend only used it for a year and get like a 30000, I was like what can he send everyday, maybe every cell of his body...

Most Helpful Girl

  • I’ve noticed that when I send videos to my friends my snapscore goes up quite a bit. But pics and chats give me like 1 point

    • Ah interesting I didn't know that I ll do a test and see how much of my score goes up

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  • Honestly I never have been interested in boosting my score

  • Stalking someone? lol!


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  • I just message my friends like photos videos


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