Debate, which one is the best MOBA?

I've personally tried Dora 2 and Smite, I prefer Smite because of the fast paced action, better community and refreshing playstyle.

I just realized I'm about to see a massive clash between MOBA's characteristic toxic communities... may the games begin.
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  • LoL
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  • I play Smite, and honestly, all MOBAs' have toxic af communities, Smite is toxic because, some just keep feeding or trolling without reason, especially on public games. Also when a new God comes out, expect a'lot of players playing that God, and failing miserably. Goodluck


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  • Dora 2... Ah typos.
    To be honest there really isn't a best in my eyes, it's preference in the end.

  • Vainglory.


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