Favorite Book Genres?

I have recently started reading Ready Player One, and it is a fantastic book so far. But reading it got me into thinking about what other people enjoy reading the most. So, what is your favorite genre? If your genre isn't on the list, feel free to comment what it is!
  • Drama
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  • Historical Non-fiction
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  • Medieval Fantasy
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  • Sci-Fi
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  • Horror
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  • Mystery
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  • I think I like suspense a lot. Which isn't the same as horror tyvm
    Other than that I like Mystery, in theory. Never really found a mystery book i liked but i enjoy the concept. Maybe one day I'll write my own good mystery book uhuhuhuhu


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What Girls Said 5

  • Omg I really need to read Ready Player One before the movie comes out!!! I like all sorts of books, ranging from true crime to YA to general fiction, etc.

  • Mystery is so good. Even though it takes so long to get to the good part !

  • Animal Encyclopedias

    • Lol thats unique

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    • Canada is just a stones throw away. Vancouver Island is the best place to see orcas and humpbacks. I know there are blue whales near Florida. Next time you travel you will have to plan it around what you want to see-like this year in November I’m going to Norway to swim with wild orcas. It’s expensive but it’s worth it!! When you are old enough to travel alone volunteer at sanctuaries or field work projects. Another example is I have always wanted to see a sea turtle. So I saved up money and went to Costa Rica for two months with the Leatherback Trust. Not only did I get to see sea turtles but I also got to assist in studying them. If you don’t want to become a biologist, volunteering is the best way to learn/get hands on training/experiences/seeing the wildlife in the wild

    • Just make sure you research the company you volunteer with before you commit

  • Romance.

  • I don’t really read books..


What Guys Said 1

  • Fantasy for me :)

    • I'm big into fantasy as well. My favorite book is the second out of The Kingkiller series, if you have heard of it.

    • I haven't but it sounds intriguing

    • It's called the Kingkiller Chronicles, written by Patrick Rothfuss. It's currently a two book series, with a third being written. I own both books, and definitely recommend them to any fantasy lover into big reads. The two prints of the books I have both have over 1000 pages, but it is definitely worth the read. So well written.

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