Should tv shows and movies that show violence against Women (sexual or otherwise) recieve an immediate "mature" rating for audiences?

Many crime shows focus on cases or scenarios where Women are the primary targets of sexualized crimes and murder. Should these shows receive more "mature" ratings as to deter children and impressionable youths from seeing these shows?

***Violence in media is extremely prevalent today, as entertainment it's been apart of cultures for almost all of human existence in many ways. More and more, this violence has been directed towards Women. This pole is a part of a series of surveys about people's opinions on violence in media and whether rules about how violence is portrayed towards Women should be changed.
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  • Yes, but it's a parents choice to show their children these programs
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  • No, children should be allowed to watch whatever they want
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  • I dont think a rating will stop a child from watching a violent show. Like you said crime shows, its almost implied that it would be violent.

  • Violence is just that violent and it can effect us all


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