Anyone a formula 1 fan?

If so inbox me, I'm intrigued and want to know what you think.


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What Girls Said 1

  • My dad & brothers love cars & motor racing and are all Formula 1 fanatics. Growing up, they hogged the TV when a grand prix is on. That meant I had no choice but to leave the channel there. I would pay a bit of attention until I got more interested. I remember watching the great Michael Schumacher race his way to 7 F1 championships. He became my favorite driver in all of motorsports.

    In 2008, my boyfriend treated me to my 1st F1 event, the Singapore Grand Prix. It was a spectacular night race and that was awesome! Spain's Fernando Alonso won that race.


What Guys Said 2

  • I am a fan of the great Michael Schumacher too. Here's how I always remember him.

  • i am and cannot inbox you as im only xper1 but i grew up watching the great Michael Schumacher and i am a ferrari fan now.


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