What are your top 5 bands/artists/collabs?

I always love listening to music and finding new music with whole new artists that I haven't listened too so please share your thoughts.
I like (not in any order) for my top 5
1. little Wayne
2. Metallica
3. Sitches
4. Hopsin
5. Riff Raff


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  • Top 5:
    1. Nothing More
    2. Starset
    3. Gemini Syndrome
    4. Skillet
    5. Halsey

    • What kind of music does the first 3 dwell in? What sings would you consider listening to for a first timer to get hooked?

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    • Like if you were to tell someone to listen to those bands, what song of each would you recommend.

    • Oh okay
      Nothing More - Go to War, Mr. MTV, Christ Copyright and Do you really want it
      Starset - Die for you, Carnivore, Satellite, and Halo
      Gemini Syndrome - Stardust, Anonymous, Alive Inside and Sorry not Sorry

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  • 1. Watsky
    2. Imagine Dragons
    3. Pentatonix
    4. Bruno Mars (very specific songs)
    5. Us the Duo

    Not your type of music for sure, but I listen to weird stuff.

    • I've listened to imagine dragons and Pentatonix (I was taking guitar class in school and every Friday he'd play a video by them) it's not a group I listen to regularly but if it ever comes on the radio.

    • Watsky does mostly rap.
      Bruno is slow/pop songs (I don't like certain pop songs that's why I only like specific songs of his)
      And Us the Duo is slow music.
      Based on your music taste I'd listen to gorillaz if you haven't already (they're pretty popular.)

    • Well I use to listen to Bruno Mars and I use to listen to Gorillaz but I didn't stay with them long

  • I'm fan of rock&roll and some metal bands too, but I when started listening to music it was mostly electronic music, and I still listen quite a lot of it (approx. the same amount of rock&roll and metal).

    So I'd like to share different types of music.

    Electro / Electro-Jazz-Funky / Synthwave :

    1. Uppermost
    2. Caravan Palace
    3. Carpenter Brut
    4. Overwerk
    5. Lazerhawk
    (Bonus : 6. Dance With The Dead and 7. Perturbator)

    Rock&Roll and Metal :

    1. Dio
    2. Alestorm
    3. Airbourne
    4. Korpiklanni
    5. AC/DC ofc.

    • How did I even forget Avatar? Imma see them live pretty soon !

      Avatar is good.

    • Damn I can't believe I forgot all about acdc, yeah if I had top 6 they'd definitely be in there

    • Haha it's normal ! Everyone is so used to ACDC, we don't even have to include them in any top 5 for rock&roll bands : They ARE Rock&Roll !

  • Chris Cornell (and all his bands)
    Layne Staley (Alice in Chains and Mad Season)
    Black Sabbath
    Rolling Stones

  • Hollywood Undead, Metallica, slipknot, Eminem, Gorillaz.


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