Why do young people like anime so much these days?

I don't understand cause it's shit.
It's good for obscure hentai but to actually make a serious show out of anime is just stupid.

Cartoons in general shouldn't be serious. Especially when they are so lame with dumb superpowers and shit.
An ex girlfriend made me watch the last air bender, inuyashi and naruto and they were all shit.
@ all the triggered anime fans😂😂😂


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  • Okay if you want some anime that isn't shit, I recommend Tokyo Ghoul, Black Butler, Another, Elfin Lied, Attack on Titan, One Punch Man, Corpse Party, Sakamoto Desu Ga, Clannad, Angel Beats, A Lull in the Sea, Free, Yuri on Ice, Himouto Umaru-chan, and just because I can, Doki Doki Literature Club, and Yandere Simulator. Speaking of yanderes, Mirai Nikki. You really connect with all of these characters, even if some die. There's an anime out there for everyone

    • For your update, make fun of anime all you want just because you're anonymous. I've seen some very. Very very very gory shit

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    • Alright kids go get a room or something and you can cut each others boobs and dick off to your heart's content

    • That's something only a yandere would do 😒

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  • I genuinely love anime. I know it's ironic coming from a guy with this profile pic. And it's okay if you dont like it, your entitled to your own personal opinion.

    Now to answer your question, it's like reading a book, some reads a textbook and thinks that all books are rocket science then there's others who reads a nice book then comes to love reading.

    It's all because of how they were introduced. Anime is just another form of entertainment, and it simply spread outside of Japan because people genuinely enjoy it.

    • And again your entitled to your own personal opinion, and again it's okay.

      Some people don't like Marvel movies,
      It's just too unrealistic that's it's crazy
      Some people don't like politics,
      It's just children beckering
      Some people don't like watching sports,
      It's just dumb people smacking their heads together.

      Really anything is shit if you think it's shit.

      We are all different and we like different things, just find something you like and stick to it.

    • Some sport is better drama than anything scripted

    • And that's your personal opinion, if you live in the US you have found your 1st Amendment right

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  • I've only ever seen three animes I actually enjoyed watching. Death Note, One Punch Man, and Mob Psycho. One of those is like ten years old and the other two are made by the same people and play on the ridiculousness of the genre and character types brilliantly.

  • People like what they like because it speaks to them. Some people find meaning in crafts, some people enjoy writing books, some people enjoys looking down on things other people like, and some people enjoy anime.

    Anime is much like sushi. Those who claim to not like it, simply haven't found the ones that fit their taste. I'm 99.9% certain that there'll be several out there, that'd make even you emotional. :)

    • Don't watch mainstream stuff that other people like. Find the ones that cater to you specifically. Obviously you're going to find it boring to watch something you have no feel for. That's to be expected. :)

  • Guess you haven't seen a anime thats for you there is literally anime for anyone but most animes have good plot, good twists and development in the charecters and the story

  • I get the impression you've not watched many if any of the anime people actually consider good/great. Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, Monster, debatably attack on titan are all incredible series that could be considered art forms. Whether or not those characters are portrayed through animation does not make them any less complex or well thought out. For another thing... they aren't cartoons. Cartoons are made for children. Anime originates in Japan and is not made for children, at the very least not exclusively the way it seems to be here.

    When it comes right down to it... whether or not you enjoy anime is entirely on you. It's literally your fault if you don't like it. No two shows are the same and therefore you can never judge or paint them all with the same broad stroke brush. If you are determined not to like anime, you will never enjoy it. If you're determined not to like food you probably won't enjoy that either... the fault is not in the food but in your willingness to accept it.

    • The shows you had introduced to you are all acknoledged as kids shows despite the fact that many enjoy them despite such. If you've never seen an adult's anime (and I don't mean hentai) don't condemn all anime. While I'm at it I'd recommend the show Psycho-Pass.

      Something tells me if someone gave you the description of one of these shows you'd think it sounded really good so long as you didn't know it was animation. At ant rate don't condemn others for being able to find enjoyment in something you can't. You'll never convince an anime lover to change their mind so... you can either be bitter about other people enjoying life, you can try to truly understand the appeal, or you can just forget about it and stop letting yourself be bothered by it.

  • Because anime is just a type of media. If you took something that was a smash hit and just converted it scene by scene to anime, it wouldn't suddenly be shit just because it's drawn, It's the story that matters.
    Personally, everything that comes out of American entertainment is the same terrible thing over and over. 100 cop shows, 50 doctor shows, 1000s of "reality" tv shows that just blatantly copy off each other.
    I would happily accept anything different, even if it was done in puppets or stick figures.

  • The stories are great, the argument is creative and sometimes the pictures are pervert.

  • It shows 2 bombs wasn't enough

    • Hahahahahahahahaha!!!
      I can't believe you wrote that.

  • Anime ain't shit.

  • They're weeaboos.

  • Because anime is good

  • You're watching shows for teens, I'm good with watching that stuff. I like even more ridiculous shows, that's even part of the appeal. But if you want only "serious" stuff because you're just too cool for anime then watch a drama, watch horror or gory shit.


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