Might people (especially girls) ever hate my only better-than-most-people-around-here music skills the same way I envy child prodigy musicians?

I'm a musician (violist) in high school, and plan on playing professionally. I've heard from some girls and a plethora of adults that playing music is attractive. I've also been told to stop playing so well by girls (especially girls, I can't recall any guys), and they say that my skill in music makes them feel inadequate. I personally find that kind of unreasonable; they have plenty to love about themselves, some of them even with their musical skills. Is it possible that by doing something well, such as playing a musical instrument, I might unintentionally be repelling all these attractive and talented young ladies because they see me only as competition, or if they're not musical, see me as too invested in my music to have time for them? I love making music because it's awesome to see people's faces light up when they hear beautiful music. I'm trying to make grown men cry tears of happiness, and I'm trying to make women and children hold their feelings of joy within them until the end of a performance. Is it possible that I could be doing the opposite by sharing too much or something, making people who might have wished they learned an instrument but instead learned a valuable practical skill feel bad about not following their dreams? If so, how should I go about still sharing music but not seeming boastful?

Edit: in b4 'gross a violist... can those even sound good? I sure doubt anyone would be impressed or intimidated by a viola player'


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  • Envy perhaps, but I don't see why they would hate it.


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