Why has history produced so many female fiction writers?

When females ere a rarity in other male dominated art forms throughout history.

Painting has traditionally been male dominated, composing music (composers are mostly men), sculpture, architecture, plays, and certainly science.

But writing has Emily Bronte, Jane Austen, Mary Shelley, Daphne Du Maurier, Enid Blyton, Lady D'Aulnoy, Virginia Alcenot, Germain de Stahl, Murasaki Shikibu etc. ... All throughout history and despite lower literacy rates among women in general.

It's normally seen as women having more priorities in the family sphere with the children preventing them from being big in most art forms. But these attitudes did not affect writing? Or What's up? Did the same prejudice not apply to writing? Were women more drawn to writing than other arts?
Less expensive maybe?

What is with females in writing despite comparative rarity in other creative fields?

So why did the barriers barring women from these other professions not affect writing so much?


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  • I think it's because it's somewhat easier, you don't need many expensive materials, no lessons, no dedicated time to it.
    It starts with an idea for which you can think and develop while doing something else. Then you can sit down at any time to write it down. You can write for 10min or 10h depending on your personal schedule. And you can do it at any time, doesn't have to be every day.
    After that you just have to find a publisher that likes your idea, they will edit it and print it out
    I think that as women were mostly staying at home, it was easier for them to express themselves in this way.


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  • Women's contributions in those fields tend to get written off or their signatures are taken off so people can pretend a man made it. Like in the art world some of the earliest works by women were written off as "crafts" where male art was called Art.

    There have been many women behind the scenes in film. The only reason A New Hope is watchable is because George Luca's then-wife cut out a lot of the extra crap he wanted to put in. Like before she got to it the Death Star trench battle was twice as long, didn't have the characters interacting much, and was mostly silent because Lucas was trying to copy fight scenes as he saw them in war documentaries.

    You also ignore that women usually have to use gender neutral or male names to get their books published. J. K. Rowling put that on the Harry Potter books for that very reason


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  • In the ild days women were not encouraged to be active, except for house keeping skills.


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