Anyone open minded about music and try to explore all genres?

I listen to literaly all the genres and go with "whatever sounds good", Trance like Tiesto or Armin, Rap like Tupac and NWA, rock in all eras is good for me from Beatles to the Arctic monkeys and even a heavier side like pierce the veil. Im also into underground artists just mentionining some you may know. All genres literally!! And the more unknown the better i like new and underground music if any of you have few new genres or artists picking up.


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  • Yup. I listen to everything from pop, hip hop, indie, classical, and many more!! These days i am really into soothing indie music like Novo amor or SYML

    • I dont mind vibes from indie good to chill out n listen, i like trip-hop or chill-hop which is like hip hop without the any rap but keeps good vibes πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Ž

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    • Man keep it that way I've not been big on Indie music but probably a good few id like the sound of

    • ThanksπŸ™‚

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  • I am very open to all types of music. I like underground artists, too. TechN9ne is an underground rapper from Missouri and he is arguably the most successful in the underground scene. I recommend any of him music.

    • Yes dude ats the way to be we need more people like us than sticking to a genre and not dipping your toes in the water with any new genres or artist. Ill listen to a few tracks off him or live freestyling if he's pretty decent, Thank you 😊

    • No problem. Others would be Hopsin, Krizz Kaliko, and Martin Garrix

    • Seen Martin Garrix live πŸ˜‚ heard of Krizz Kaliko popped up when i was looking into Tech N9ne

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  • Yeah I try to listen to everything! I used to explore music through youtube but now I use spotify lol

    • Used to do exactly the same but a lot of local artists and worldwide artists are on soundcloud couldnt stand spotify.πŸ˜–πŸ˜‚ I like your way of thinking anyway never keep to certaian genres.😎

    • Thanks, I could say the same to you 😁

    • Only saying from experience a lot of Djs especially will use Mixcloud and Soundcloud to first put out music onto, but famous more global artist will put thier for sale and as a first release onto Beatport

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  • Yeah I listen to just about everything from heavy metal to reggae to rap, country and polka music. And even some classical.


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