Music and arts schools in macon ga?

I am an adult wanting to go to school for music production and dancing in macon ga. I cannot seem to find any schools and I want to start now. I would rather go back to school in california where I am from because I miss all my friends and everything there. I am new to georgia and I am really not enjoying it here. Sooo what are my options? I came out here to visit family but I am not enjoying it here. So tell me what do I do? I honestly feel like california has better options for me but figuring out where to live out there will be rough. Unless I can find a campus out there where I can live. This should be easy but someone please help me out.


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  • You will probably not be able to start immediately. There‚Äôs an application process. Earliest you can start is reasonably in May.

    From a quick Google search, there are 5 arts schools in Dublin, which is reasonably close to you. There is also the Townsend School of Music, which may have some options for you though, I of course, am not sure, as I am in Canada.


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